Phantom Energy

Decentralized Energy Solutions

Our smart energy systems combine the leading advancements in battery storage technology with the ability to draw energy from both traditional and renewable sources simultaneously. This flexibility allows each installation to maximize available resources, improving efficiency and increasing energy independence.

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Areas of Focus:

PICTURED HERE: 40ft Phantom Energy Container with default solar array capable of storing up to 3.5MWh of on-demand power per unit.

Battery Rack

The Phantom Energy Rack offers a dynamic energy storage solution. These units can function independently or be interconnected to establish a more extensive power system. Each Energy Rack is furnished with our cutting-edge Smart Technology, enabling real-time data monitoring and remote control.

  • Versatile Energy Rack
  • Equipped with Smart Technology
  • Interconnected Scalability

Self-Contained Energy Cube

The Smart Energy Cube provides a secure and reliable energy solution for versatile deployment indoors or out. Delivering unrivaled energy independence drawn from our proprietary net-zero solar technologies, wind turbines, and renewable fuel generators or tied to on-grid power, the Smart Energy Cube equips you with essential power anywhere.

  • Self-Contained BESS Energy Cube
  • Inverters, Batteries, Fire Suppression,
  • Interconnected Scalability - Link Multiple Cubes

BESS MegaPack

The Smart Energy MegaPack is a fully self-contained micro-grid. Its utility as an electrical network allows for operation as an on-grid backup store during off-peak hours or in disconnected "island" mode, supplying critical power when needed most. Designed to protect you from an unsure energy future, each micro-grid is engineered to ensure your future is in control.

  • Versatile, self-contained micro-grid
  • Backup power and island mode
  • Containerized, Rapid Deployment


BESS Energy Cubes

Phantom’s Energy Cube is housed in a self-contained, mobile container that is equipped with essential components such as inverters, batteries, control modules, climate control, fire suppression, satellite communications, and remote monitoring capabilities. The cube’s modular design allows for seamless deployment replacement or upgrades, ensuring continuous operation with minimal downtime.

  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Control Modules
  • Climate Control
  • Fire Suppression
  • Satellite Communications
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Built For Extreme Environments

Deployment Versatility

The adaptable BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is designed for rapid deployment in disaster-relief environments and diverse climates. Easily positioned by truck, it provides reliable, sustainable power during critical situations.

Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Containerized Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) offer numerous advantages in today’s fast-paced energy landscape. These modular, scalable systems provide a flexible and efficient solution for storing and distributing energy from renewable sources, ensuring a stable power supply even during fluctuations in demand or production. Additionally, containerized BESS units can be easily transported and deployed in various locations, making them an ideal choice for remote areas or temporary installations. Their compact, secure design also minimizes the environmental footprint and helps to reduce installation costs, making them an attractive option for sustainable energy management.

  • Rapid deployment, versatile applications
  • Scalable storage for diverse needs
  • Minimal maintenance, maximum reliability
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable energy choice
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Enhanced grid stability, security
  • Ideal for remote, off-grid locations
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