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We provide the support, training, and resources needed to empower exceptional community-based nonprofit organizations worldwide.

We have seen firsthand the catastrophic effects of poverty, child trafficking, and illegal poaching. The consequences of these crimes affect every one of us. Yet, unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable that pay the highest price.

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Areas of Focus:

Child Poverty

Phantom Foundation’s non-profit initiatives focus on supporting children in poverty. We empower families and orphanages to break the cycle of generational poverty by providing crucial resources. Acknowledging the global child poverty problem, we raise awareness about the billion children living in multidimensional poverty and the disproportionate mortality rates among impoverished children.

Child Trafficking

The Phantom Foundation is dedicated to combating child trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery. This horrific crime forces millions of children into labor, sexual exploitation, and conflict situations, generating an estimated $150 billion annually. The foundation aims to protect these innocent lives and end this grave injustice.


The Phantom Foundation is dedicated to anti-poaching initiatives, providing resources to organizations in Africa and Asia. They are combating wildlife crime, one of the world’s largest criminal industries linked to networks, causing species extinction. They focus on safeguarding high-target species like elephants and rhinos to preserve entire ecosystems.


Phantom Rescue’s mission is to combat child trafficking globally by educating vulnerable communities and providing them with resources. Through the Phantom International Foundation, we focus on supplying education, addressing the root causes of child trafficking and fostering hope for exploited children.



Properly outfitted and trained personnel are safer, more effective, and operate with increased efficiency.


Our primary mission is to provide the most comprehensive and effective training in protection strategies.


Identify and unify organizations and assets worldwide and create a centralized hub of resources.


We partner with organizations and governments to develop and sponsor outreach programs.

Clean Water

We are committed to providing clean water systems in disaster relief and humanitarian situations.


Provide the technology and expertise needed to utilize advanced tactics to increase mission efficiency.

Mission: Child Poverty

The Global Child Poverty Problem:

The poverty disparity between adults and children is ever-growing. Children are twice as likely to live in poverty in comparison to adults, according to UNICEF. Globally, over one billion children live in multidimensional poverty and approximately 365+ million live in extreme poverty.

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Mission: Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking Slavery Still Exists

Modern-day slavery comes in many forms, from sexual exploitation to forced labor; millions of children worldwide are subjected to child trafficking crimes for profit. It is estimated the industry generates over $150 billion of revenue a year.

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Wildlife crime is sweeping the planet

Mission: Anti-Poaching

High target species such as elephants and rhinos are being hunted to extinction. These animals are the most difficult to protect, as poachers go to the most extreme lengths to kill them. If we can safeguard these animals, then we will preserve entire ecosystems.

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