Phantom H2O

Revolutionizing Business Water Management

The most powerful & cost-effective water management & monitoring solution available for business today. Access to water usage data and speed of delivery is expected and demanded in today’s competitive business environment to control costs and reduce water waste.

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Areas of Focus:

  • Flow Control
  • Management
  • Conservation
  • Leak Detection
  • Quality


  • Utility-Grade Monitoring & Leak Detection
  • Identify & Eliminate Water Waste
  • Real-Time Alerts, Oversight & Control
  • Predictive Water Usage Analytics
  • Sustainable Conservation
Phantom H2O

Scalable Commercial Water Solution

Phantom H2O is the most effective, adaptable, and scalable solution for commercial applications, including medical, industrial, municipal, office buildings, hotels, multi-family, and other large consumers of water.

With the cost of water increasing annually and water damage claims the loss leader in commercial risk management, real-time water monitoring offers tremendous benefits to our clients. The added security of 24/7 monitoring and predictive analytics assures your assets are well-protected around the clock.


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