AK1-3 Aerocopter

Where innovation meets performance.

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Revolutionary AK3-1 Aerocopter: Soaring to New Heights in Advanced Aviation

Built with lightweight materials and advanced aerodynamic features, the AK3-1 Aerocopter delivers impressive speed, agility, and fuel efficiency. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, while its advanced safety systems provide pilots and passengers with peace of mind during every flight. Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the AK3-1 Aerocopter – where innovation meets performance.

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Independence From Airfields & Aviation Fuel

The use of automobile fuel makes it possible to operate the AK1-3 without the need for airfields and gas stations with aviation fuel.

Efficient Three-Blade Propeller

The AK3-1 Aerocopter’s efficient three-blade propeller significantly enhances maneuverability compared to double-bladed helicopters. This design improves stability, control, and aerodynamic efficiency, allowing for intricate maneuvers with ease. The AK3-1’s superior handling makes it ideal for demanding missions and applications.

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3X Lower Cost per
Flight Hour

AK1-3 does not require large costs for the operation and maintenance of airworthiness. For 2000 flight hours, the average cost per hour will be only $60. This is almost 3 times cheaper than most double-seater helicopters, including Robinson22.

Flies On Automobile Gasoline

The AK3-1 Aerocopter operates on automobile gasoline, which is an economical choice as it costs four times less than traditional aviation fuel, making it a cost-effective option for various applications.

Low Cost Of Maintenance

The streamlined design and durable construction result in low maintenance costs that is 50-70% cheaper than most other helicopters of this class

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Possibility to dismantle and install blades without balancing

Installation of the blades takes 7 minutes, and dismantling 5 minutes. After installing the rotor blades, you can immediately start flying, without additional balancing.

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