Economic growth & trade

Enhancing competitiveness and trade, improving enabling environments, and strengthening public financial management.

Our global network of experts understands that development problems are complicated and interrelated. We rely on a combination of unparalleled management skills, broad regional experience, and technical expertise to strengthen economic growth and trade in developing nations. From our decades of experience, we know that financial services are key for broad-based, longterm economic growth and we work closely with financial institutions to increase their availability.

Our mission is to help countries sustainably address their own development needs and provide effective and efficient public services. We work with governments to build accountable public financial management systems. This ensures that policies align closely with economic objectives, encouraging trade integration and strategic regulatory reform. We strengthen the underlying market infrastructure to create, grow, and sustain businesses that stimulate economic growth through entrepreneurship.


Business Enabling Economic Growth

Our approach focuses on reducing barriers to competition with training, investments and strengthening legal frameworks in order to develop a confidence-inspiring investment climate.

Trade & Regulatory Reform

We develop programs that strengthen governments' institutional capacity with trade-related infrastructure and coordinate tariff policies that boost economic growth.

Financial Services & Financial Management

We increase institutional and human capacity to forecast, manage and improve domestic resource mobilization while building the capacity to balance project budgets.

Empowering competitiveness and trade, strengthening public financial management, and building long-term economic stability.

“Project leadership” is one of the foundations of our company structure. We empower teams and leaders at the project level to make important decisions and anticipate needs, which allows us to the ability to avoid delays and run each aspect of the project efficiently.

Our executive-level leaders on the ground are involved with each project on a day-to-day basis and are well-positioned to make the important decisions that keep projects running on time and budget. Phantom employees undergo extensive training, both on the job and in the classroom, which provides the knowledge and confidence they need to make important decisions as they arise.


Supporting projects that help shape the world.