Infrastructure development

We help develop the infrastructure to help nations thrive.

We plan, build, and manage the structures that drive developing nations to thrive. Phantom International has the experience, skill, and foresight necessary to create mass-use structures that move people, drive our economy, and stand the test of time. Our experienced planners work closely with all stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency during the entirety of the project.


Building a world connected by smart and affordable transport networks that empower disenfranchised communities and unlock access to opportunities.

Infrastructure can transform communities. Our clients’ projects have a higher purpose – their roads, rail, communications, energy, and airport projects are the gateway to a modern, prosperous world. We help build the infrastructure that caters to growing populations and keeps up with global technological changes which creates an economy supported by an infrastructure that is resilient to geophysical and economic setbacks.


  • Master Planning
  • Design & Engineering
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Flood Control Structures
  • Communications & Technology

  • Energy
  • Rail
  • Water
  • Waste Treatment
  • Waste Management