Phantom International

Our people define us. Strong values, innovation and the drive to positively impact the world through our work and the way we run our organization.


Every once in a long while the stars align, and things simply fall into place. Call it fate, happenstance, or simply luck, if you will. Philosophically speaking, how Phantom International came to be is not important, nor will the founding of Phantom International be remembered in history, merely being a speck of cosmic dust in the grand scheme of all things.

Just for the sake of discussion, let us say several individuals found themselves in the same place, at the same time, and with the same vision for making the World a better place.  How and why those individuals crossed paths remains a mystery to this day, even to those involved.

What is important is Phantom International’s overarching vision of the World, as translated into very basic fundamentals and singular focus that everyone associated with Phantom International will bring to the mission.  It is for that reason that you will not find individual biographies of our personnel.  We at Phantom International truly believe that despite the Incredible individuals that make up our team, that the whole of Phantom International is truly several times greater than the sum of its parts.

The Phantom International vision is revealed by reviewing the foundations of the organization:

  • Conduct all operations with absolute integrity
  • Operate from an understanding of the difference between right and wrong
  • Maintain fundamental ethics throughout all tasks
  • Commit to completing all tasks
  • Build a workforce that has the willpower and drive to make it to the end
  • Ensure all financial transactions are fully accounted for and transparent
  • Help those in need without an agenda
  • Understand that access to the basic necessities is a human right
  • Note that in addition to food, water, shelter, and healthcare, education and connectivity is paramount today
  • Be cognizant of differences in culture, religion, race, creed, color, and sexual orientation, but look at everyone as an indispensable part of the human race and do not allow discrimination in any form;
  • Realize that the rights of each person end where someone else’s begin
  • Support no specific political party or ideology
  • Take an absolute stand against human trafficking
  • Take an absolute stand against poaching of all types
  • Understand science and technology, but do not let the understanding interfere with the mission

And as we call them, “The Big Four;”

  1. If you are capable of changing the world, you are obligated to do so

  2. The value of something or someone cannot be quantified purely in financial terms. True value requires looking at all intrinsic and extrinsic factors

  3. If it is an easily accomplished task then give it to someone else, if it is an impossible task, we will accomplish it

  4. We turn the impossible into reality

Phantom International seeks no credit, beyond the satisfaction of knowing a job is well done.

To assist Phantom International in shoring up its foundations, we have put together what we would dare to say is the most ethical and talented group of individuals the World has ever seen. Our subject matter experts are simply the best at what they do and will always give us an honest appraisal of all situations and contingencies.  We scale up and down to meet the needs of a project and not the needs of a company for profit margins.  We do this in a matter of days. Rest assured that if we undertake the task, we will complete the mission.

The future of the World remains uncertain, and so too remains the future of Phantom International. One thing is certain however, by adhering to the foundations of the organization as set forth above, Phantom International will elevate and better equip those countries and people in need, ensuring that an endless supply of positive, perpetual, and life-changing moments are etched into history. — A history for which Phantom International seeks no credit, beyond the satisfaction of knowing a job is well done.